Helping companies design marketing programs to engage with customers on a personal level.

Advanced Analytics

What has your data (your #1 asset) done for you lately?

Let’s look under the hood of your customer data.  Who are your best customers and how do they shop?  Are your next-best customers on their way to becoming better or worse over time? And what can you do about it?

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Personalization Training

Custom-built 1-day corporate training session for the
Marketing and/or Executive teams to learn:

  • The business case for personalization and relevance,
  • How to derive insights from data,
  • How to leverage data insights throughout the
    organization, including Marketing communications,
  • How to implement personalization

Personalized Programs

Craft the strategy and facilitate the execution of:

• Recommendation engines

• Offer personalization

• Retention and referral programs

In 2021, 35% of Amazon’s e-commerce sales came from recommendation engines.

Loyalty Program Design

Drive more loyal and repeat customers

Design or redesign the loyalty program that meets your key objectives, differentiates you in the market, and drives the right customer outcomes.