Helping companies design marketing programs to engage with customers on a personal level.

Personalization Audit

Are you delivering on customer expectations
of relevance and personalization?

Let’s look under the hood of your Marketing communications.  Are you getting the engagement and conversion you deserve?  Are you motivating your customers to do more business with you and if not, what are your best opportunities?

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Custom Personalization Training

Custom-built 1-day corporate training session for the
Marketing and/or Executive teams to learn:

  • The business case for personalization and relevance,
  • How to derive insights from data,
  • How to leverage data insights throughout the
    organization, including Marketing communications,
  • How to drive key metrics and emotional loyalty by
    using data to create more relevant and personalized
    marketing communications.

Custom Personalized Communication Program

Craft the strategy and facilitate the execution of
personalized, lifecycle, and 1:1 communication to
improve customer behaviour to:

• Increase visits and frequency,
• Drive baskets and spend per customer,
• Improve margin,
• Onboard, engage, and retain customers.

Let us help you create onboarding journeys, retention programs, and referral programs, or make the most of your Marketing Technology investment.

Loyalty Audit

Is your loyalty program no longer meeting your expectations?  

Let’s examine the health of your loyalty program.  Do you even need a loyalty program?  Is it profitable?  Are you driving incremental customer behaviour or are you paying customers to do what they would typically do in any case?

Loyalty Program Revamp

Do you need a new loyalty program, or do you have an outdated loyalty program that is no longer meeting
organizational objectives?

Design or redesign the loyalty program that meets
your key metrics, differentiates you in the market, and drives the right customer outcomes.