10 Deadly Loyalty Program Mistakes

Don’t follow your competitors down a rabbit hole. Make your loyalty program unique, interesting and profitable by avoiding these 10 mistakes.

How to Make Your Loyalty Program Stand Out

ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) criteria within the design of loyalty program rewards and incentives promote sustainable and responsible behaviour among customers and align the company together with its members toward a common good. It is also key to help your loyalty program stand out, drive repeat purchases and advocacy among your customers.

The Intersection of AI and Loyalty

Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions, such as ChatGPT and Bard from Google, have democratized the world’s access to AI, both from a consumer and a brand standpoint. Enterprise-level Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions providers are seamlessly connecting the dots between data, MarTech, and customer interactions. As such, we marketers and loyalty program operators have no excuse but to leverage our proprietary data, such as transactions, customer contact data, and online behaviour, to personalize customer experiences.

When To Start a Loyalty Program

You should only start a loyalty program when you can meet the following criteria: You can afford the investment, you need the customer data, the C-suite is aligned on the KPIs and the role of loyalty, and you have operational support throughout the organization
5. You want to engage your existing customers

What Do Members Want?

The 4 Rs of what members want in a loyalty program

What do members want in a loyalty program? Rewards, Recognition. Relevance. Relationship. Loyalty is a two-way street.

Why Welcome Journeys are Like Sleep Training

When you are sleep training a child, the education starts at the beginning of the night, rather than at wake-ups in the middle. Similarly, customer retention efforts start with proper onboarding at the beginning of the relationship.

Losing Customers Due to Lack of Relevance?

33% of consumers abandon a brand that lacks personalization. Companies that get personalization right have the potential to generate 40% more revenue than those that don’t. Get started on your personalization roadmap to drive metrics, ROI and emotional loyalty

When Personalization Goes Wrong

pointing at a laptop screen

Personalization should feel so seamless to a customer that they shouldn’t even notice when their communication is relevant. But when you do get it wrong, it becomes blatantly obvious.